Lymphatic Massage

Improve movement and comfort in your limbs

Lymphedema can be very uncomfortable and restrict movement, we understand this can be very hard for you and want to help. Using a gentle technique known as lymphatic massage, we can help to soothe your symptoms. By using light stroking movements, we are encouraging the lymphatic flow, which can reduce some of your puffiness and swelling.

Benefits of lymphatic massage:

• Soft tissue massage

• Naturally reduce toxins

• Reduce chances of infection

Choose us for a broad range of treatment options

Your health and comfort are the reason we are in practice, helping to relieve you of your suffering of either primary or secondary Lymphedema is only one string to our bow.

We offer a range of physiotherapy treatments to help with any secondary injuries or musculoskeletal complaints caused by Lymphedema.

For more information on the services we can offer you, please get in touch.