Sciatic Pain Treatment

What is Sciatica?

It is the name given by doctors to leg pain, which commonly stats in the buttock region and travels down the back of the leg. It may be accompanied by pins and needles sensation or numbness.  The causes of sciatic pain rang from a disc bulge to a muscle entrapment.

What not to do

It is unwise to elevate the leg, this could make matters worse. Sitting for long periods or sitting with a poor posture can aggravate mattes, as can activities which involve heavy lifting and those that involve ‘bouncing up and down’ i.e. horse riding or off road vehicle travel. Also cyclist can be at risk because they are in a ‘back bent over’ position for a number of hours.

What to do

Seek help for a Physiotherapist ASAP. They can determine to cause of the leg pain. Physiotherapy treatments commonly used for this condition are exercises, passive spinal mobilisation/manipulation, and massage.  Acupuncture can help too.