Conditions Treated

Regain your independence through our treatment

Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or a motor accident, we can offer you a full range of physio treatments as part of an on-going routine or a one off service.

Our treatments include:

• Tailor made rehabilitation plans to suit your needs

• Manual therapy

• Acupuncture for pain relief

• Muscle energy techniques

• Postural correction

• Clinical Pilates

• Therapeutic and Lymphatic massage

• Sports Injury treatment

We want to help you

Our experienced staff are on hand to help you through your treatment and put you at ease, as your well-being is our best interest.

For more information on the services we can offer you, or advice on any muscular pains or ailments you are suffering, please get in touch.

Take an active part in your recovery

We offer a range of treatments for a number of muscle problems and injuries at our Bolton office including:

Musculoskeletal Problems

• Osteoarthritis

• Osteoporosis

• Fractures

• Overuse conditions e.g. tennis elbow

• Soft tissue injuries

• Sacroiliac joint pain

• Muscular pains

• Joint pains

• Back and neck pain

• Sciatica

• Torn ligaments

Sports Injuries

• Knee pain/ strain

• Shoulder pain

• Tennis or golfer's elbow

• Groin & hip pain/ strain

• Ankle & foot paints i.e. sprained ankle

• Sacroiliac joint pain

Women's Health & Pregnancy

• Back pain

• Hip Pain

• Advice on exercise

• Symphysis pubis diastasis

• Postural problems

General Conditions

• Road traffic accidents

• Work related injuries

• Strains & sprains

• Back & neck pain


• Primary Lymphoedema

• Secondary Lymphoedema

We want to help you

We understand that aches and pains come in all forms, from tennis elbow to sciatica. Our physiotherapy treatments cover a whole host of problems and injuries, just a few of them listed, for more information, please call us.