Physiotherapy Treatments

Putting you at ease through physiotherapy

We know that you are looking for the best solution to your muscle problems and we offer you a wide range of physiotherapy treatments to best suit your needs and be able to alleviate your aches and pains as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Manual Therapy

These are specific hands-on techniques, which include manipulation/mobilization to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joints. Used for reducing pain, increasing range of motion (ROM), reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, facilitating movement and improving function.


When you are recovering from an injury, car accident, or after an operation, rehabilitation plays an important role in ensuring that you regain previous health and fitness as fast as possible. We are able to assist in this process by the initial management of the problem and then later by devising a suitable, progressive exercise program, tailor made to you.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle energy techniques are used to treat decreased range of motion, tense/tight muscles and pain. The technique involves the therapist gently moving the ‘affected body part’ and then asking the client to contract the muscle against the therapist's resistance. This induces relaxation in your muscle and allows ‘the affected body part’ to be gently stretched and thus allow greater range of movement.

Call us for more information on our physiotherapy services, or why not take a look at some of our other treatments? We offer therapeutic massage, help with sports injuries and acupuncture.