Physiotherapy Success Stories

I had severe back pain after bending down I could not stand up straight. In the past I had been to other private Physiotherapists; they just put me on a TENS Machine for several weeks without any other treatment. Another time a Physio was giving me the wrong treatment for my condition and could have done more damage.
The treatment at Atherton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic was Wonderful !!!

After one treatment I was pain free. I have recommended friends to go.

Alan H


After receiving the amazing news that I had successfully gained a place to run in the Virgin London Marathon I was suffering with pain within my right hip when running any sort of distance, after consultation I was given the news that my dream of running the marathon was over due to hip impingement that had caused a tear in my labrum / cartilage with my hip needing surgery just 4 months before London.

After the surgery it was important to me to get a Physiotherapist who had experience of hip impingement and sports injuries. After speaking to the clinic my mind was put at ease and reassured.

I ran London Marathon that year and many marathons and ultra-marathons since. Without the treatment I received from Angela and the help and support I know I would never of achieved my dream of running London Marathon and raising money for a children’s cancer charity.

James Donlan

Physiotherapy/Sports Injuries

I was in severe pain with sciatica & was struggling to walk, not sleeping & having difficulty looking after myself.

I was in so much pain that I was willing to try anything. The Physiotherapists help & advice was invaluable ( the GP had just told me to take tablets).

Through exercises, acupuncture & massage she got me walking normally again; I got my mobility & independence back again.

Julie B


I’d had 8 years of pain in my left shoulder.

In the past I had physio on the NHS for 6 weeks which had no effect; so, I felt like nothing could be done. So, I stopped using my arm.

Before going to Atherton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (AP&SIC), I had reservations & wondered what if there is nothing wrong? Was it in my head?

At AP&SIC I was told from the beginning that I could be helped but it would take time in the same way it took 8 years to get worse.

After a course of Physiotherapy, I now have most of the mobility in my back in my Shoulder. I do still have some pain, but using the exercises the Physio recommended, it is massively better. At the Physio’s suggestion I have had a scan and have tendonitis as suspected.

Tracy L


Sports Injury Success Stories

The Physio at AP&SIC was fantastic, professional and a pleasure to receive treatment from. I felt 100% confident that I was fit for my marathon based on the Physiotherapist’s assessment and treatment and I couldn’t have crossed the finish line without her. 🙂

Vicky A

Sports Injury

I experienced pain in my shoulder when training and throwing Javelin. This was getting progressively worse and we worried it either was or would become a serious injury. The Physiotherapist was really helpful and explained at each stage what was being done and the exercises have been very helpful.

My parents and I felt reassured at all points in the treatment. Whilst I still have a long way to go, the changes in movement and pain have been positive so far and I am still competing. The Physiotherapist also recommended a good consultant who is also working with us to try and get the best outcome, as a future in Javelin throwing is important to me.

Lewis Forster

Sports Injury

Pilates Success Stories

I had suffered with recurring lower back problems on and off since injuring my back in 2015.It was affecting my ability to do gardening and DIY.

I chose to do Physiotherapy Led class confident that if I struggled with the exercise then they would know how to help me.

I have found that this environment is great and welcoming. The best thing is that if my back does affect me when I’m doing my gardening, I know which exercise to do after that takes the pain away. I can now help myself rather than keep going for Physiotherapy to get me better again.

Christine Howells

Physio-Led Pilates Classes

I am a 67-year-old male and consider myself to be reasonably fit and I walk regularly. When I heard that Atherton Physiotherapy were starting a ‘Pilates for Blokes’ class it sounded just what I needed – particularly with the first class being free. What did I have to lose?
When I turned up for the first class, I was relieved that there were a wide range of ages, abilities and body shapes although I was and, still am, the oldest!

After each class I always have the buzz of knowing that I have exercised, none of the exercises are too difficult or daunting and stretching and strength improvement are always there. Also humour and banter is always present! I am still working on improving my balance, it was good a few years ago but recently it seems to have deteriorated. So, in summary, the class is not (too) intensive and a nice place to stretch and grunt and…. did I really say that?

David Bilney

Pilates Classes

I had always seemed to have a problem with my back. I was always stiff and nervous about moving; particularly in the shower; in the morning. I was getting fed up.

Before attending the classes I was worried that I might not be able to do the exercises and that everyone else could. I was also nervous about the exercises making my back worse.

I felt better because at AP&SIC they insisted on conducting a free assessment beforehand to diagnose the problem and to see if I would be suitable for the class beforehand.

After coming to the classes I have improved my flexibility and feel a lot more confident with my back in daily life.

Sharon K

Pilates Classes

Home Visits Success Stories

My 94-year-old mum had been in hospital and was very weak when she was discharged and had lost her confidence.
She had fallen twice since she had returned home, and I was scared.

Even after the first visit from the Physiotherapist, I could see my mum felt a bit better. The Physiotherapist was so nice with my mum and she did a very thorough assessment of my mums’ condition.

Each time She visited I could see an improvement. She has a vast knowledge and is also a friendly, kind person who gives my Mum lots of encouragement and confidence. The exercises have made her stronger and she has got her confidence back, slowly but surely.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AP&SIC and I’m so glad I found them; they are so knowledgeable and friendly and were able to come out to the house the next day also.

Ann B

Home Visit Client

I was starting to get very depressed as I had almost no mobility. I had regressed from when I had been released from the NHS rehabilitation unit where I was able to walk before I was sent home. I had to sleep in my chair and wait to be hoisted on and off a commode by care staff 4 x day to be toileted. I was wetting myself because sometimes I couldn’t wait until the carers came. In short, it was a horrendous situation to be in.

I am now able to go to bed and get myself on and off the commode in the night. I can do this up to 4 x a night and no longer wet myself. I have got my self-respect back. The after care has been good. I cannot bear the thought of being in that situation again.

Sister Megan Haysley

Home Visit

Food Intolerance Success Stories

I had been suffering from reflux/antacid problems & was frequently using Gaviscon to reduce the effects. I had also been prescribed statins & was slightly concerned about cholesterol level.

I’d never thought of blood test for intolerance so was a little sceptical. The cost seemed quite high as well. There are so many “fads” out there & I thought this may be just another one. I thought I had a good diet already.

The process was explained & the potential outcomes. The blood sample is easy & just a week or so wait for the results. The results were then explained & suggestions made on how to amend diet.

There have been many results since taking the test!

I’ve not used Gaviscon for a year now!

I feel better in myself.

I am much more conscious of my diet & along with exercise have reduced my weight & maintained it.

An additional & much more beneficial effect is that I haven’t used my inhalers for 12 months! Having suffered asthma for 40 years I hardly suffer any effects at all now. Cutting down dairy & gluten food products have improved my overall health.

And most of all this has saved me £200 in prescriptions & Gaviscon in 12 months so the cost of blood test has been recouped.

David Blackrod

Food Intolerance

After 3 months I have found that my abdominal pain has reduced to minimal and I don’t feel the need to rush to the toilet as much as I used too, which is good because I have taken up playing golf and this could of been a big problem for me. I do still have some symptoms of bloating and diarrhoea, but I know this is only when I have eaten something that has something in it that I shouldn’t of eaten. I do find it hard to avoid foods in certain situations like eating out in restaurants or friends’ houses, but I find they do accommodate as much as they can. I no longer have head aches and I have not had IBS symptoms for a while. I do still have tiredness, but I feel that is due to other things. As for joint pains they are in my legs mostly but I feel that is down to my weight and my nutrition in the past, I have lost 8lbs and hope to lose more, I feel this is a slow process but it’s going in the right direction.

I do have sinusitis, but I have found that it flares up when I have had dairy and egg whites and not realised, I have eaten it, or drank it. I am really surprised where dairy is used like in Smokey bacon crisps soups etc. Reading labels is essential and is something I do every time I go shopping.

Having the intolerance test has been a big eye opener for me and it has made me realise how much I took for granted in what is being put into our everyday food. Being aware has helped me to eat healthier and have a bigger understanding of what I have been doing to my body.

I would recommend taking an Intolerance because it is a great way of knowing what your body needs as an individual, so having the knowledge can help with having a better healthy life.

Julie Fletcher

Food Intolerance

Lymphoedema Success Stories

I had a lot of swelling on my legs, stomach and my left arm. I was being prescribed garments for my left arm Lymphoedema from NHS, but no other treatment is offered. I have been having full body Lymphatic massage to manage my condition ,and now all my body fluid has reduced in size (volume).

Daxa Patel


I had a total knee replacement and hadn’t slept since it was done, 9 weeks earlier, due to pain and swelling in my lower leg and foot. I couldn’t walk and my foot throbbed and kept me awake at night.

I looked up Lymphoedema on the internet (which I had been diagnosed with 7 years before) and found this website. I am now more educated re: Lymphoedema and found a lot out that I didn’t know. After 4 weeks of treatment there has been a great improvement in swelling and improvement in swelling and pain and I am sleeping ok now and no pain. Ooohh and I loved massage. I have lost 8cm of flied from my legs in 4 weeks too.

Elizabeth Dunne


Massage Therapy Success Stories

My body was aching all over possibly due to stress or working on a computer all day? I was suffering with constant neck and shoulder pain. The massage was very relaxing and the therapist friendly; explaining everything as they went along. My aches and pains were relieved, and it was quite some time before I needed any help again.

Joanne F

Massage Client

I suffer from knots and tightness of muscles in my back.

On one occasion whilst working, I suffered a large knot the size of a tennis ball in the upper parts of my right back which affected the movements of my shoulder, neck and right arm.

This also left me slightly hunched over due to the pain and tension of the muscle itself. After 45 minutes of back massaging and relaxing the muscle and surrounding muscles, the knot reduced significantly that I was able to stand up straight and move my shoulder neck and right arm normally.

Jamie T

Massage Client

Acupuncture Success Stories

I was unable to move my right arm properly due to the pain in my elbow, which also kept me awake at night. I couldn’t do many upper body exercises in the gym or hold my dog’s lead in my right arm.

I had been to the Clinic previously with a foot injury and a thumb injury which was resolved with Physio treatment. This time I was offered Acupuncture, which made me apprehensive.

However, the results were amazing! Within just a couple of sessions I felt a significant improvement. The exercises which followed were also very beneficial & I’ve seen great results.

Now back at the gym doing what I was before and able to walk the dogs using both arms !!

Lisa B

Acupuncture Client

I had daily neck and shoulder pain and headaches, they were getting me down as I am an active person.

I hadn’t visited the Clinic before and was unsure if the treatment offered would improve my condition. However, the treatment was very good, professional with a detailed explanation of what the problem was.

The plan of action was discussed & agreed, with clear goals set.

This was reassuring, especially as I hadn’t had acupuncture before. I was happy with the outcome as I had pain relief in my shoulder and neck without the need for tablets.

Angela B

Acupuncture Client

Corporate ‘on-site’ Visits Success Stories

We have been using AP&SIC for a few years now in our business and personally.

We are a local sheet metal fabrication company and on one of our occasions one of our guys had developed a back injury in the workplace. The holiday and sick days were mounting up and becoming expensive to us both.
The employee was not really getting anywhere with their Doctor and there was a long waiting list for the NHS physios. I approached AP&SIC for some help and guidance. Very quickly they came to our works and, with the employee’s permission, they observed them at work doing their job.

They could see immediately how he could be helped through exercise and physiotherapy at the clinic. The employee was also given advise on how to reduce their pain during working day by altering their work environment. The Physiotherapist spoke in depth about their injury and what exercises they could do to help themselves at work and home.

Through this intervention the employee days off dropped off and they were back at work and most importantly of all; happier and healthier. We have sessional Physiotherapy and sometimes our employees visit their Physiotherapy Clinic. Atherton Physiotherapy are our ‘go to’ advisors for both business and personal health and fitness concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business who sees a need.

Dean H

Occupational Health (Onsite/Off site Corporate Physiotherapy), Director Enterprise UK Precision Sheetmetal Ltd

The Physiotherapy Service at Kelloggs included the following:

  • Early detection , and treatment of MSK ‘s which are one of the main causes of work-related ill health and sickness.
  • Increasing performance at work and reducing sickness absence and their associated costs;
  • Providing treatment, exercises and self-help advice to help employees prevent recurrent, long term or chronic injuries;
  • Assisting in the rehabilitation of employees following MSK injury’s or post operatively, proving fit ness to work advice to managers and promote a timely return to work -referrals on the NHS take time and workplace physio services are more convenient and can usually be accessed more quickly (within a week or even an emergency appointment on the day)
  • To help maintain and promote the overall wellbeing of the workforce.
  • Engaging with employees and improving morale.
  • Forms part of a company employee benefits package.
  • Carrying out preventative risk assessments in the workplace i.e. DSE

Kellogg’s and the ‘benefits team’ see the service as a benefit for all staff that they sold it as part of employee’s benefits package and a wellbeing program. They always appreciated the fact that it was on site and that there was a regular familiar and friendly face that they could go to for treatment and advice.

There have been instances where the Physiotherapist was able to assess employee’s fitness for employee and to carry out manual handling in a couple of unusual cases, scoliosis and a hypermobility condition. And also, cases of back injury where the Physiotherapist was able to rehabilitate employees back to work quickly. When some people conditions weren’t responding to treatment then the Physiotherapist referred on to specialists.

Dean Frost

Occupational Health, Onsite Corporate Physiotherapy