Home Visits

You may need a home visit as you cannot come to the clinic. You may be trying to get back on your feet again possibly after a recent illness or hospital stay or you may just want some guidance on a plan of action to get stronger so that you feel like you could get out and about a little more.

What should I expect?

The Physiotherapist will ask you a variety of questions relating to your current health and about what you want to achieve. If you are worried about a stranger coming into your home, you could ask a family member or friend to be present. We are quite used to that! Also, feel free to check your therapists credentials and ‘right to practice’ and look for their name on the following website https://www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/

Should I ask my GP first?

Your GP can organise Physiotherapy for you but only via the NHS, if you are happy to wait. Also, because there are long waiting lists you may be limited to how many sessions you can have. As you will be self-funded with our service there will be no limit to how many sessions (although the therapist will discuss what you are wanting to achieve so that they can set realistic goals).

You do not need your GP’s permission to use our service. However, if there are any things we need to discuss with your GP, we will get in touch, with your permission to do so.

How often will you visit?

That will depend on you. Usually once a week is enough but sometimes a bigger or smaller gap in between treatments is necessary.

To book your home visit appointment call the clinic on 01942 871709 or click on the button below to book online.

Here is what our clients are saying…

I was getting very depressed as I had almost no mobility.

I had regressed from when I had been released from the NHS rehabilitation unit when I was able to walk.
Once home, I had to sleep in my chair and wait to be hoisted on and off a commode by care staff 4 x day. I was wetting myself because sometimes I couldn’t wait until the carers came.

In short it was a horrendous situation to be in. I am now able to go to bed and get myself on and off the commode in the night. I can do this up to 4 x a night. I no longer wet myself and have to suffer the consequences. I am now looking forward to the future, getting my self-respect back. The after care has been good too.

Sister Megan

Home Visit Client

My 94-year-old mum had been in hospital and was very weak when she was discharged and had lost her confidence.
She had fallen twice since she had returned home, and I was scared.

Even after the first visit from the Physiotherapist, I could see my mum felt a bit better. The Physiotherapist was so nice with my mum and she did a very thorough assessment of my mums’ condition.

Each time She visited I could see an improvement. She has a vast knowledge and is also a friendly, kind person who gives my Mum lots of encouragement and confidence. The exercises have made her stronger and she has got her confidence back, slowly but surely.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AP&SIC and I’m so glad I found them; they are so knowledgeable and friendly and were able to come out to the house the next day also.

Ann B

Home Visit Client