Video Consultations

What is a Video Consultation?

It is often referred to as a digital consultation. It is where the usual ‘face to face’ in clinic consultation is done ‘remotely’.

What equipment do I need?

You need good internet access. A Laptop works best but a mobile phone (smartphone) will suffice.

What are the benefits?

Time out of your busy day is a key factor, as you have no commute time. Convenience is another benefit. You may be a stay-at-home mum/dad or a person who struggles to make time for appointments.

Maybe you are unable to travel to the clinic. Also, it may be that you are not comfortable with, or not allowed, to go outside (i.e. in the case of a pandemic such as COVID-19)

What can I expect from the consultation?

You will be able to see the Physiotherapist as they will have their camera on. And the Physiotherapist will need to be able to see you too.

The Physiotherapist will ask you questions relating to the problems you are experiencing, such as how long have you had the problem? Who have you seen about it? What makes the problem worse? Have you had this problem in the past?

The Physiotherapist will then ask you to perform some movements and see if they provoke pain/discomfort and see how well you can perform these (i.e. putting your sore arm up your back). Then, the Physiotherapist will guide you on how to, as best as you can, touch the problematic area/s and report any tenderness or pain.

How will the Physiotherapist be able to help me if they cannot see me face to face?

In March 2020, we trailed this method of offering Physiotherapy services.  We found that we were able to get 80% of people’s symptoms to resolve. How did we do this I hear you ask?? We used a variety of digital technologies to prescribe appropriate exercises and to send our clients videos on how to further help themselves (for example a family member helping them to tape a sore knee).

The other 20% of people who we were not successful in helping, was because they needed onward referral to a specialist.

What kind of problems are easily resolved with this service?

We have used this method of ‘treating’ people with a wide variety of problems. A sore neck, back or shoulder, a sporting injury or recent orthopaedic surgery.  All these conditions, once we have correctly diagnosed the problem, respond to appropriate advice and exercises.

Will my insurance cover me for these video consultations?

Yes, they will. The COVID-19 virus outbreak meant that medical personnel had to find ways to continue help their client’s. Digital (video) consultations are not a new thing and so there has been research into its effectiveness. 

To book a video consultation call the clinic on 01942 871709 or click on the button below to book online.

Here is what our clients are saying…

I had pain in my hip and leg and lower back.  I’m sure working from home hasn’t helped as I was finding it painful to just sit down, let alone get up and down the stairs.

I was worried this could take weeks to sort out, but the pain was gone within a week!

I found the video Physiotherapy consultations a great service – prompt and personal. I didn’t mind the virtual face to face at all. You were able to pinpoint the issue and recommend the appropriate exercises for me without the need for me to come into the practice.

Alison Kirk

Video Consultation Client

I had problems with my shoulders, neck, and lower back from working at home.

I usually have massages to get rid of knots but due to lockdown this wasn’t going to happen.

I used the app for the exercises I had been given and they helped a lot – it’s still there so I can go back to it which is good. And a video, which again, I can go back to.

I have found that the best thing about me trying this service is that I will use the help I have received in the future as I do tend to get these problems a lot.

Vikki Martin

Video Consultation Client

I had a sports injury. I was running and had to stop as I felt a harsh pain in my lower back, gluteus, and hamstring on my right side. After the injury I was then struggling to walk without pain.

I had no real concerns about Video Physiotherapy help; possibly wondered beforehand if I’d be better consulting my doctor and possibly whether an online screening would/could be beneficial. However, just over 10 or so days later I am pain free which I did not expect, due to the severity of the pain I thought it would take much longer.

Given normality I would sooner come into the practice but that said, it was easy to identify my pain areas virtually and then given the exercises to work on straight away.

I like the idea of the app which identifies and stores your exercise routines and a demonstration. Also, the fact that it sends you a reminder to complete. A couple of times I nearly forgot before the notification reminded me.

Greg Southern

Video Consultation Client