What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of many approaches our Physiotherapists use to treat of pain and inflammation. Although it looks strange and painful, it really isn’t that bad. Reassuringly, it is a recognised treatment used by all medical professional bodies including that of GP’s.

Dating back thousands of years, this treatment enhances the body’s own repair mechanisms, enabling an improved recovery time. It achieves this through stimulating the body to produce pain-relieving chemicals, such as melatonin and serotonin. The results can be noted immediately in most cases.

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What to expect during your treatment?

You will usually be lying down or at least very well supported for your first session. We recommend eating at least 4 hours before hand too. If you are needle-phobic it is not recommended, which sound obvious but when in serious pain, most people would try anything to relieve it. Conventional acupuncture typically involves the needles being left in position for some 20-30 minutes before being removed. Trigger point acupuncture (often called dry needling’) is often much quicker, with the needle placed into the affected muscle and stimulated until it is felt to relax by the therapist, usually 1 minute per ‘trigger point’.

Whatever the best course of acupuncture, though, your Physiotherapist will make sure to talk you through what to expect and ensure you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during the whole process.

“For more information on acupuncture treatment and possible side effects please visit this page Rest assured that all of our therapists who deliver acupuncture sessions at the clinic have completed the appropriate regulated training. All of the needles we use are sterile and discarded safely. Our success rate of helping people, in particular, with back and neck pain and sciatica is very high. Acupuncture is one of our ‘go to’ treatment modality of choice for these conditions as it a natural way of using the body’s own resources to relieve pain. Of course we also recommend other modalities including us prescribing rehabilitation exercises to help our clients be painfree”.

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Here is what our clients are saying…

I was unable to move my right arm properly due to the pain in my elbow, which also kept me awake at night. I couldn’t do many upper body exercises in the gym or hold my dog’s lead in my right arm.

I had been to the Clinic previously with a foot injury and a thumb injury which was resolved with Physio treatment. This time I was offered Acupuncture, which made me apprehensive.

However, the results were amazing! Within just a couple of sessions I felt a significant improvement. The exercises which followed were also very beneficial & I’ve seen great results.

Now back at the gym doing what I was before and able to walk the dogs using both arms !!

Lisa B

Acupuncture Client

I had daily neck and shoulder pain and headaches, they were getting me down as I am an active person.

I hadn’t visited the Clinic before and was unsure if the treatment offered would improve my condition. However, the treatment was very good, professional with a detailed explanation of what the problem was.

The plan of action was discussed & agreed, with clear goals set.

This was reassuring, especially as I hadn’t had acupuncture before. I was happy with the outcome as I had pain relief in my shoulder and neck without the need for tablets.

Angela B

Acupuncture Client