Shoulder Pain?

Is your shoulder pain or discomfort not getting better with rest or over time?


Are you feeling pain when getting dressed/undressed or during your sports?


Are you putting things off as you feel you may make the problem worse?


Take the guess work out of the equation and book an initial assessment. We will examine you thoroughly and determine the cause of your problem. We will then discuss what you need to do and how we may be able to help.
We use a combination of ‘hands on’ (manual therapies) and a graded exercise program to help you.

We have a ‘tried and tested’ method of looking at your shoulder problem, locating the source and getting rid of the pain.


How do the session(s) work?

In your first session we will thoroughly examine you and discuss our findings and commence treatment immediately. After this first session we will discuss with you our best plan of action for you and then you can decide if you’d like to proceed with further sessions. Typically you will need anywhere from 3-6 further sessions.