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  • Do you have pain which isn’t showing signs of subsiding or feeling like it is getting worse?
  • Are you unsure what the cause of the pain is, and are worried you could be making it worse?
  • Are you taking painkillers but would rather not?
  • Do you feel like your life is on hold whilst you wait for your pain to go away?

Sports Injuries

  • Are you frustrated that you have tried to rest an injury, but you are still struggling to play your sport?
  • Have you been told to rest and take pain relief for your injury but want to get some rehabilitation to get back to your sport sooner rather than later?
  • Have you tried to continue your sport, but pain is slowing you down?

Home Visits

  • Have you recently been discharged from hospital and are still not very mobile?
  • Are you concerned that your relative is falling or looking unbalanced and could be at risk of falls?
  • Do you want to get your independence back after a period of illness that has meant you haven’t been up to going out and doing your usual activities?

Massage Therapy

  • Are you feeling knotted up in your shoulders and neck area or lower back?
  • Do you spend a lot of your working day sitting or driving and feel generally stiff?
  • Do you feel like massages you have had in the past have not relieved your pain and tension even though they felt relaxing?
  • Are you looking for someone who is a professional and medically trained in massage?

Lymphoedema Management

  • Have you got swelling in your limbs that reduces after you have been to bed?
  • Are you experiencing limb swelling after cancer surgery and want to know how to help reduce it so your clothes will fit better.
  • Have you been prescribed garments to wear for your swelling but think that MLD (manual lymphatic massage) could also benefit you?


  • Are you looking for other solutions to ease your pain?
  • Have you had a persistent/stubborn pain that other remedies and treatments hasn’t helped?
  • Has a friend suggested you try acupuncture because it worked for them, but you think it sounds painful? (it isn’t!)

Corporate Physiotherapy

  • Do you want to reduce the amount of staff sick days lost to lower back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions?
  • Have you got a staff ‘well-being’ budget and think that access to Physiotherapy, on-site or offsite, would be beneficial to your staff or clients?
  • Do you hold well-being days and are looking for health professionals to be involved who can deliver health promotional activities?

Atherton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic offer a range of professional services by an expertly qualified team of physiotherapists, Pilates and fitness class instructors. Based in the Wigan borough, our clinic can help you achieve your goals and improve any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in all areas of rehabilitation, sports injury and musculoskeletal physio, with the overall aim of improving and maintaining your quality of life. At our Manchester clinic, you will feel confident that all of your concerns are heard during a thorough assessment, where we will offer advice and solutions to your problems.

As well as being one of Greater Manchester’s leading Sports Injury clinics we also offer home visits, massage therapy and many other health and wellbeing services.

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Here is what our clients are saying…

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I couldn’t play football because of knee pain. Two different doctors told me to rest and gave me anti-inflammatories over a 6 months period. I was getting frustrated because if I tried to play, I suffered with pain after.

I found the Physiotherapy very good. I was given exercises that I stuck to and I progressed and got better. And now I’m back playing football after just 1 month.

Sam Skeet

Physiotherapy/Sports Injury

After receiving the amazing news that I had successfully gained a place to run in the Virgin London Marathon I was suffering with pain within my right hip when running any sort of distance, after consultation I was given the news that my dream of running the marathon was over due to hip impingement that had caused a tear in my labrum / cartilage with my hip needing surgery just 4 months before London.

After the surgery it was important to me to get a Physiotherapist who had experience of hip impingement and sports injuries. After speaking to the clinic my mind was put at ease and reassured.

I ran London Marathon that year and many marathons and ultra-marathons since. Without the treatment I received from Angela and the help and support I know I would never of achieved my dream of running London Marathon and raising money for a children’s cancer charity.

James Donlan

Physiotherapy/Sports Injury

I was suffering with daily complaints of back and knee pain and at times they were unbearable and stressful. At first, I was sceptical if they would help me, as other therapies I had tried before did not help. But I was very happy. What has been good is that, as well as having the massages, I was advised on natural pain relief and given exercises too. So I can manage my back pain with the massage when I feel I need it and I don’t need to take tablets for it.

Leigh B

Massage Client

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