Corporate Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in the workplace can be for employers and employees or to the clients of the business.

Physiotherapy in the workplace

Our Physiotherapists are available to do sessions at your workplace with your work force. The size of your work force will determine the frequency of the service. Business of less than 100 employees would benefit from once a month, whereas much larger organisations would benefit from once a week or twice a month.

Although the sessions could be categorized as ‘Staff Wellbeing’, a Physiotherapist role is pivotal in preventing and managing musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions that cost our country and thus your business dearly. Employers have a legal duty to protect the health, including musculoskeletal disorders, mental health and that of individuals who have undergone surgery.

In one study, 80 per cent of people who had physiotherapy for their MSD were able to carry on working and did not have to go off sick.

The facts are that:

  • Sickness absence costs the UK around £15 billion annually in lost economic output
  • 5% of sickness absence becomes long term, lasts over four weeks and accounts for almost half of the total working days lost each year
  • There is an 80% chance that if absent for six months an individual will be out of work for five years

What would the Physiotherapy service to my company look like?

We would need a designated space that is warm and private in which to see you and your staff. We would provide our own equipment. Staff members could either be referred to us via management or they could book themselves a session. Sessions would typically take 30 minutes and consist of an assessment and treatment in which their problem would be diagnosed and managed. The great thing about onsite Physiotherapy is that there is no time wasted on going out for appointments. If there are other medical professionals that visit your establishment, we will happily work alongside them and communicate with them where necessary.

OR if your business is quite close by, we could treat your workforce at our premises at your instruction.

If it is your Clients/service users that require Physiotherapy, we could do this as a ‘one off’ visit or a regular visit if is deemed that regular Physiotherapy would be beneficial.

If you are interested in discussing whether your business would benefit from On-site Physiotherapy, get in contact on 01942 871709. We would be happy to do a Complimentary Visit to see how your workplace responds. We can gather client satisfaction and report back to you.

To find out more about our Corporate ‘on-site’ Visits call the clinic on 01942 871709 or click on the button below to fill in our contact form.

Here is what our clients are saying…

We have been using AP&SIC for a few years now in our business and personally.

We are a local sheet metal fabrication company and on one of our occasions one of our guys had developed a back injury in the workplace. The holiday and sick days were mounting up and becoming expensive to us both.
The employee was not really getting anywhere with their Doctor and there was a long waiting list for the NHS physios. I approached AP&SIC for some help and guidance. Very quickly they came to our works and, with the employee’s permission, they observed them at work doing their job.

They could see immediately how he could be helped through exercise and physiotherapy at the clinic. The employee was also given advise on how to reduce their pain during working day by altering their work environment. The Physiotherapist spoke in depth about their injury and what exercises they could do to help themselves at work and home.

Through this intervention the employee days off dropped off and they were back at work and most importantly of all; happier and healthier. We have sessional Physiotherapy and sometimes our employees visit their Physiotherapy Clinic. Atherton Physiotherapy are our ‘go to’ advisors for both business and personal health and fitness concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business who sees a need.

Dean H

Occupational Health (Onsite/Off site Corporate Physiotherapy), Director Enterprise UK Precision Sheetmetal Ltd

The Physiotherapy Service at Kelloggs included the following:

  • Early detection , and treatment of MSK ‘s which are one of the main causes of work-related ill health and sickness.
  • Increasing performance at work and reducing sickness absence and their associated costs;
  • Providing treatment, exercises and self-help advice to help employees prevent recurrent, long term or chronic injuries;
  • Assisting in the rehabilitation of employees following MSK injury’s or post operatively, proving fit ness to work advice to managers and promote a timely return to work -referrals on the NHS take time and workplace physio services are more convenient and can usually be accessed more quickly (within a week or even an emergency appointment on the day)
  • To help maintain and promote the overall wellbeing of the workforce.
  • Engaging with employees and improving morale.
  • Forms part of a company employee benefits package.
  • Carrying out preventative risk assessments in the workplace i.e. DSE

Kellogg’s and the ‘benefits team’ see the service as a benefit for all staff that they sold it as part of employee’s benefits package and a wellbeing program. They always appreciated the fact that it was on site and that there was a regular familiar and friendly face that they could go to for treatment and advice.

There have been instances where the Physiotherapist was able to assess employee’s fitness for employee and to carry out manual handling in a couple of unusual cases, scoliosis and a hypermobility condition. And also, cases of back injury where the Physiotherapist was able to rehabilitate employees back to work quickly. When some people conditions weren’t responding to treatment then the Physiotherapist referred on to specialists.

Dean Frost

Occupational Health, Onsite Corporate Physiotherapy