Reintroducing high reactivity foods

We recognise that many people wish to start re-introducing foods into their diet following the exclusion processes. This means that you do not eat foods on your ‘high reactivity list’ for 3 months. This must be done with care and it is important to start slowly. At a time convenient to your individual needs, introduce one food at a time and leave one week between that food and the next. If there are no symptoms after a few days then use that food on a four day or more rotation to maintain increased tolerance.

If at any time your symptoms start to return or you start to feel ill DO NOT continue with the re-introduction of that food.

Book a call with our nutritionist

When we have sent  you your results e-mail,  we will also send you the contact number of our nutritionist.

Our nutritionist is happy to chat with you for half an hour. Please come with a prepared list of questions to ensure you get the most out of your consultation. If you need help with menu planning then you can book further consultations with the nutritionist at a cost. The cost will depend on how much input you require.

 N.B the advice given is not intended to replace any recommendations offered by your Doctor or Healthcare Practitioner, as they will have full details of your medical history.


Here is what our clients are saying…

I had been suffering from reflux/antacid problems & was frequently using Gaviscon to reduce the effects. I had also been prescribed statins & was slightly concerned about cholesterol level.

I’d never thought of blood test for intolerance so was a little sceptical. The cost seemed quite high as well. There are so many “fads” out there & I thought this may be just another one.

I thought I had a good diet already. The process was explained & the potential outcomes. The blood sample is easy & just a week or so wait for the results. The results were then explained & suggestions made on how to amend diet.

There have been many results! I’ve not used Gaviscon for a year now!

I feel better in myself. I am much more conscious of my diet & along with exercise have reduced my weight & maintained it. An additional & much more beneficial effect is that I haven’t used my inhalers for 12 months! Having suffered asthma for 40 years I hardly suffer any effects at all now. Cutting down dairy & gluten food products have improved my overall health.

And most of all this has saved me £200 in prescriptions & Gaviscon in 12 months so the cost of blood test has almost been recouped.

Dave W

Food Intolerance Tests

I took the food intolerance test as I had suffered with a few different symptoms – Sinusitis, IBS, headaches and joint pain. The sinusitis was investigated by the NHS but they found no cause.

I wasn’t given any help for my IBS either – just a diagnosis. After 3 months of taking the test (it found me to be intolerant of egg white and dairy) I have found that my abdominal pain has reduced to minimal and I don’t feel the need to rush to the toilet as much as I used too, which is good because I have taken up playing golf and this could of been a big problem for me. I do still have some symptoms of bloating and diarrhoea, but I know this is only when I have eaten something that has something in it that I shouldn’t have.

I do find it hard to avoid foods in certain situations like eating out in restaurants or friends’ houses, but I find they do accommodate as much as they can. I no longer have headaches and I have not had IBS symptoms for a while. As for joint pains they are in my legs mostly but I feel that is down to my weight and my nutrition in the past, I have lost 8lbs and hope to lose more, I feel this is a slow process but it’s going in the right direction.

I do have sinusitis, but I have found that it flares up when I have had dairy and egg whites and not realised, I have eaten it, or drank it. I am really surprised where dairy is used like in Smokey bacon crisps soups etc. Reading labels is essential and is something I do every time I go shopping now.

Having the intolerance test has been a big eye opener for me and it has made me realise how much I took for granted in what is being put into our everyday food. Being aware has helped me to eat healthier and have a bigger understanding of what I have been doing to my body.

I would recommend taking an Intolerance because it is a great way of knowing what your body needs as an individual, so having the knowledge can help with having a better healthy life.

Julie Fletcher

Food Intolerance