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This website, and , is the property of Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports and Injury Clinic, referred to as “Atherton Physiotherapy” and is made available subject to complying with our terms of use set out below.

The terms of use should be read in conjunction with our Privacy and Cookies Policy, which together form constitutes an agreement by the user to be bound by the terms.

If you do not wish to be bound by our terms you are advised not to use the website.

1.About Us

Our address for services and communications is Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, The Old Chapel, Buildmain Business centre, Laburnum Street, Atherton, Manchester M46 9FP. We can be contacted by email to, or phone 01942 871709.


Unless the context otherwise requires, references to the singular include the plural and references to the masculine include the feminine, and vice versa.

The headings contained in these terms of use are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.

References to any statute or statutory provision shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as a reference to that statute or provision as from time to time amended, consolidated, modified, extended, re-enacted or replaced.

3.General terms

The information and services available on the Atherton Physiotherapy website are provided for the purpose of assisting those with an interest in using/purchasing services from the Company and to enable interested parties to make enquiries.

Atherton Physiotherapy accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information contained on this website or on any other websites to which this site may at any time be linked.

Reproduction or use of any material from this website is not permitted except where licensed to do so by Atherton Physiotherapy.

4.Amendments to Terms

Atherton Physiotherapy may revise these terms and conditions of use at any time and update this information. You should therefore verify this page regularly and review the full terms and conditions. Your continued use of the website constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions as amended.

5.Intellectual Property

Atherton Physiotherapy is the owner and/or authorised copyright licence holder of the logos, trademarks and content present on this website. By posting this information on our website we do not grant any licence, copyright or use of any other of our intellectual property rights to any third party.

You acknowledge that you do not own and shall not acquire any title, copyright or any other intellectual property rights in relation to the website and you shall not modify, translate, adapt or otherwise amend the contents.


Your information will be handled with the upmost confidence. Atherton Physiotherapy will adhere to all national and UK data protection, data transfer, data retention, and confidentiality regulations and always stores data sent to us in a secure manner.

All information that you send to us will be kept confidential and will not be given to any unauthorised third parties except as required by law.

7.Data Protection

The use of personal information supplied to us by you and other users of this website is governed by Atherton Physiotherapy’s “Privacy Policy”. We keep all data in our secured systems. Information will not be given to any third party unless express permission is given by the individual or as required by law.

Any client testimonials or quotes will only be used on the website or other marketing material with the express permission of the client.

Under Data Protection legislation all individuals have the right to access their personal data and when processing data on your behalf we will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Data Controller for Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is Angela Dainton.

8.Use of the Website

You must not modify, adapt or hack this Website, or modify another Website, so as to falsely imply that it is associated with Atherton Physiotherapy.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of this Website.

Atherton Physiotherapy accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information that is available, or is posted, including information posted in blogs, on this Website.

Atherton Physiotherapy retain the right to remove content if we determine, at our sole discretion, it is unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party’s intellectual property or these terms of use.

You are not permitted to use our services or servers for the propagation, distribution, housing, processing, storing or otherwise handling in any way lewd, obscene, or pornographic material, or other material which we deem to be objectionable, to be determined at our sole discretion.

Users of this website are not permitted to upload to this website or to transmit any material which will cause damage to the performance of any computer system or any material which is obscene, defamatory or in breach of any copyright or intellectual property rights.

We do not guarantee that our site is free from any worm, virus, malware, or other harmful material which may have destructive or monitoring properties and shall have no liability of such. You are strongly advised to ensure that your own anti-virus and protective software is up-to-date and effective. You must not transmit any worms or viruses or any code of a destructive nature either onto the Website or using the Website in any capacity.

Users are not permitted to post advertising and/or promotional content that is inconsistent with the purpose of the Website. You must not solicit any Users of this Website to market any products or services.

All rights not expressly granted in these terms of use are reserved by us and our licensors.

9.Availability of the Website

Atherton Physiotherapy will endeavour to make the website available to users, but cannot guarantee that the website will operate continuously or without interruption. There may be times when certain features, parts or content of the site, or the entire website, become unavailable, or are modified, suspended or withdrawn by us at our sole discretion, without any notice given. We will not be liable whatsoever for any availability issues.

The material available on this Website is not for commercial use by other parties. You are not permitted to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, rent, lease, loan, sell, sublicense, or create derivate works from the site or the content. The use of network monitoring or discovery software to determine the site architecture, or information about its usage or identify individual users is strictly prohibited.

Atherton Physiotherapy at its sole discretion shall have the right to block or restrict access to any user to this Website without any prior notice.

We shall not be liable to users or any third party for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential relating to or arising out of a visitor’s use of this Website.

Users of this Website must not: disrupt, or interfere with the security of the site or otherwise abuse any service provided on the site or linked Website; disrupt, interfere or abuse any other user’s enjoyment of the site; or obtain unauthorised access to any part of the site that is restricted.

We cannot guarantee the speed with which you will be able to access and use the website as it will depend upon factors such as the specification of your equipment and the number of people using the site.


The website may contain links to other sites, which are not under the control of Atherton Physiotherapy. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content, security, availability and privacy practices, or any material on any website that is not under the control of Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. A link to a third party website does not imply endorsement by us.


The content of these pages and the website design is protected by copyright and any copying of these pages in any form is strictly prohibited. We do not give permission to sell any of our content under any circumstances.


Atherton Physiotherapy warrants that the contents of this website are prepared with reasonable skill and care. Ee do not guarantee that it is free of errors or omissions and we shall not be held liable for any loss as a consequence of information contained on the website.


Atherton Physiotherapy has taken every care in the preparation of the content on this website, but to the full extent permissible by law, we disclaim all responsibility for damage or loss howsoever arising including but not limited to loss of projects, loss of profits, loss of data or consequential or indirect losses arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use the website and/or any information or materials on

14.No Waiver

No failure or delay by Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in exercising any of its rights shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right, and no waiver of a breach of any provision of the terms of use shall be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.

15.Force Majeure

Atherton Physiotherapy shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations under these terms of use where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond our reasonable control. Such causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, internet service provider failure, industrial action, civil unrest, fire, flood, storms, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, acts of war, governmental action or any other event that is beyond the control of Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.

16.Entire Agreement

By using this website, users accept that they shall not rely on any representation, warranty or other provision except as expressly provided in these terms of use. All conditions, warranties or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded as fully permitted by law.


Each of these conditions is separate from all other conditions, so that if one condition is found to be void or otherwise unenforceable it will not affect the validity of any of the others.

18.Third Parties

No part of these terms of use shall confer rights on any third parties and accordingly the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply.


Notices sent to you by e-mail will be deemed to have been received twenty-four hours after sending. The postal address for all notices and correspondence is Atherton Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, The Old Chapel, Buildmain Business centre, Laburnum Street, Atherton, Manchester M46 9FP.

20.Jurisdiction and Governing Law

These terms of use and all disputes, whether contractual or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with them are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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